Venice Biennale

Since his young age, Enrico has always felt attracted by Culture, that he still sees as a constant source of inspiration for his professional improvement.

His first opportunity to prove his artistic inclination came when he was attending university and some classmates of him asked him to take part in an ambitious project: developing an abandoned public library for emerging young artists.

This experience touched him so deeply that he subsequently decided to search for other opportunities in the same field at university and as a member of a cultural association in his town.

Thus, from that moment on, he has been trying with his work to sensitize people towards the importance of Arts in current society and their central role for people’s relationships.

He has recently decided to move to Berlin, a more lively city full of cultural initiatives where the value of Arts is openly promoted.


Architectural model

If you wanted to have further information about Enrico and his work take a look at his curriculum vitae and portfolio.


Enrico Spimpolo

Enrico is as a modest and rational person with a dash of perfectionism and a natural inclination for creative issues such as Architecture, Photography, Music and Art.

He displays the skills needed to work in group, both as a coordinator and as a subordinate.
He is always ready to help his colleagues and is respectful of his superiors.

His constant pursuit of personal and professional improvement allows him to learn from others.

He feels comfortable about interacting with other people at work as in life, seizing every opportunity of personal growth.

He doesn’t let himself be overwhelmed by difficulties, but is able to keep his temper and find solutions to problems.

After all, what really matters to be successful in life and work is keeping your eyes fixed on your goals.